Honoring Excellent Educators

Our dedicated team of 2018 Award Recipients receive their recognition at the Educator’s Retreat.

Annual Educator Awards

We are proud to recognize Ohio’s finest teachers and superintendents with these five yearly awards, presented at our annual Educators Retreat at the end of the summer.



Jennings Action Research Fellows

Each year, a group of highly dedicated teachers that attend the annual Educators Institute in the fall choose to continue on to our Jennings Action Research Fellows program. During the year-long program they deepen their skills while developing a specific project for their school - all within the atmosphere of great support and camaraderie amongst a strong cohort of passionate fellow educators from across the state.

Teacher in the Jennings Fellows program with her project presentation board.

The 2019 Fund For Teachers Cohort funded by Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

Jennings Fund For Teachers Fellows

Fund For Teachers is a national organization based in Houston, Texas, that “supports educators' efforts to develop skills, knowledge and confidence that impact student achievement”. The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation is very proud to be one of their local partners, supporting the teachers from Ohio who are chosen by FFT to join their group of annual Fellows.