Grants-to-Educators Details

Grants-to-Educators support the Foundation’s basic objective of recognizing and encouraging outstanding classroom teachers in Ohio’s PK-12 public schools. Grants are available to teachers and administrators and are typically for classroom or school-wide projects. The maximum grant size is $3,000.


Review Cycles

Application Deadline: Funded activities must start on/after: Funding will be distributed on/after*:
January 15 March 1 March 20
February 15 April 1 April 20
March 15 May 1 May 20
April 15 June 1 June 20
May 15 July 1 July 20
July 15 September 1 September 20
August 15 October 1 October 20
September 15 November 1 November 20
October 15 December 1 December 20
December 15 February 1 February 20

*The exact date of distribution may differ. Payments are made on the 20th of the month or the next business day when the 20th is on a weekend or holiday. The “Proposal Terms and Conditions” must be completed and submitted by the applicant on the online dashboard before funding will be provided.

Focus Areas

Applicants will need to identify which of the following Deep Learning aspects are central to your project:

  1. Developing students’ skills in critical reading, writing, research, and/or mathematics

  2. Developing students’ problem-solving skills

  3. Fostering students’ self-directed learning

  4. Engaging students to think as scientists, social scientists, and/or artists

  5. Engaging students in interdisciplinary learning

  6. Engaging students in meaningful problem or project-based learning

Application Process

  1. Create an account on our online application system. Please use your district superintendent as the Head of your Organization, not your building principal. Click the Apply button below to begin.

  2. Complete the application fully and accurately, including uploading detailed budget documents, etc. You can download a PDF version of the questions that you will answer in the Grants-to-Educators Online Application system. You can also download these budget templates or use your own.

  3. Upload a Letter of Endorsement with signature from your superintendent on district letterhead. This is required for every grant application.

  4. Submit the application by one of the application deadlines listed in the calendar above.

Notification of the Foundation’s decision is typically sent the third Wednesday of the month after the application deadline. Decisions can be found on your dashboard and are communicated via an email to the main contact your organization provided.

If your application is approved for a grant award:

  1. Congratulations! We are honored to support your great work.

  2. Once you complete and submit the Proposal Terms and Conditions, funding will be distributed as per the schedule above.

  3. Grant monies awarded by the Foundation must be used within one year.

  4. Submit your Final Education Project Report Form and Final Financial Report in the online dashboard within one year of receiving funding.

Great examples from the field:


Evaluation Criteria

Please be sure to read all sections of our grants overview page in order to fully understand the criteria listed below. Distribution Committee members reflect on the following questions as they review Grants-to-Educators applications:

  1. Is this grant innovative or unique for the classroom, school, or district?

  2. What is the potential impact of the project on excellent teaching and/or deep learning?

  3. Could the budgeted items be provided with community/local, state, or federal funds?

  4. Are activities age appropriate?

  5. Is there evidence that this project addresses a critical student or teacher need in the classroom, school, or district?

  6. If the grant requests the purchase of books or equipment, is it clear that the project’s central purpose is related to the “focus areas” described above, and their specific learning objectives, rather than to obtain materials?

  7. Does the plan for evaluating the grant adequately assess the quality and impact on student learning to meet the objectives of the activities proposed?

  8. Has the district done its part to support this grant and/or this teacher?

  9. Is the application completed accurately, and proofread for spelling and grammatical errors?


We are committed to helping applicants understand and navigate the process when needed. If you have questions, click below to reach out to us.