New Grant Themes for Grants-to-Educators Program

In January, 2012, the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Board of Directors made the decision to support two new funding themes:

– Characteristics of Excellent Teaching
– Characteristics of Deep Learning

During the first six months of the year, the Distribution Committee, who reads and votes on all the Grants-to-Educators applications, noted not only that the Foundation received less requests but also felt that some teachers were having difficulty justifying project alignment to those themes.

As a result, a subcommittee was appointed to revise the Grants-to-Educators application. Hopefully the new format that focuses on the characteristics of deep learning will help teachers to think about and study the following:

1. A project that supports deep learning. How can the deep learning objectives, activities and outcomes be clearly explained to the Committee?

2. The alignment to the Common Core. What is the approach to using non-fiction reading materials, developing students’ oral and written communication skills, and teaching students to examine and judge evidence?

3. The student excitement around classroom innovation, creativity and project-based learning. How will the students benefit from the implementation of the project?

There are so many exciting projects that can be developed that enhance student learning – think about multidisciplinary learning, global awareness, science and mathematics applications, students as researchers, technology apps, hands-on learning, partnering with community organizations to solve problems, STEM activities, and environmental education.

Please do not hesitate to call Kathy Kooyman or Daniel Keenan at the Foundation to discuss your project ideas (216) 589-5700. Those who are interested in applying for a grant should study the deep learning chart on the website, brainstorm ideas with colleagues, and complete the new form that can be done on-line. The application cannot be submitted electronically. Once completed, please print nine copies. Mail the original and the nine copies to:

Chairman, Distribution Committee
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
The Halle Building
1228 Euclid Avenue, Suite 710
Cleveland OH 44115

Thank you for being an educator who is committed to continued growth and excellence!

Grants-to-Educators Program

The Grants-to-Educators program supports the Foundation’s basic objective of recognizing and encouraging outstanding classroom teachers in Ohio’s public school districts. Grants are available to teachers and administrators for classroom, school-wide, or district-wide projects.

The Foundation has established six focus areas (listed on page two of the application form) within the Grants-to-Educators program. Before completing an application, study the rationale behind the Deep Learning theme and examine the “Deep Learning Chart” (PDF) associated with it. Also refer to the “Grant Development Rubric” (PDF) to review the Foundation’s expectations.

The maximum amount for a Grants-to-Educators is $3,000.

A request for the purchase of technology is not a priority and cannot exceed one-half of the dollar amount requested. Download “Questions Pertaining to Technology Funding” (PDF)

Application Process

There is a specific application for the Grants-to-Educators program. Please click on Grant-to-Educators Application to access the application.

The following items must be submitted with your Grants-to-Educators application:

  • Applicant cover page and the additional four pages.
  • Building principal and superintendent endorsements.

Mail the entire original (stapled) and nine copies in the above order to:

Chairman, Distribution Committee
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
The Halle Building
1228 Euclid Avenue, suite 710
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Contact: Kathy Kooyman
Grants Manager

Application Deadlines

The Foundation’s Distribution Committee carefully reviews Grants-to-Educators applications. The Committee meets 10 months a year (NOT in July or December).

An application must be submitted by the 15th of the preceding month in which it is to be considered. If the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday, your request must be submitted on the previous business day.

Grant Guidelines

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when submitting a Grants-to-Educators application:

  • Only one application from your school will be considered in a given month.
  • The maximum grant is $3,000.
  • Funding is considered for equipment only when there is a direct connection to the project (see Technology Requests). The cost of technology equipment cannot exceed one-half of the grant (up to $1,500 for a $3,000 grant).
  • Responses in the application boxes cannot be a smaller font size than the questions.
  • The Foundation will generally not fund the following: bus transportation, conference costs, field trips/admission fees, capital assets, refreshments, storage units, incentives, school supplies, rewards, and T-shirts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Distribution Committee members, made up of educators and non-educators, reflect on these questions as they review grant applications:

  • Is this grant innovative or unique for the classroom, school, or district?
  • What is the potential impact of the project on deep learning?
  • To what extent will the grant specifically promote deep learning?
  • Could the materials or equipment requested be purchased with district, community/local, state, or federal funds?
  • Has the district done its part to support this grant and/or educator submitting it?
  • Are the activities involved age-appropriate?
  • Is there evidence that this project addresses a critical student or teacher need in the classroom, school, or district?
  • If the grant requests the purchase of books or equipment, does it include a clear implementation plan with expected outcomes that justify the purchase?
  • Does the plan for evaluating the grant adequately assess the project’s impact on deep learning?
  • Will this grant be used by more than one classroom?
  • Has adequate time been allowed for the review process? Is the application form carefully written and edited?